Prophet Charles

Prophetic Word for 2024: Slow Down for Violent Possession of the Entrepreneurial Promise

Who is this Prophetic Word for? 

The Prophetic Word for 2024, “Slow Down for Violent Possession of the Entrepreneurial Promise,” is for the Black Christian woman currently serving in a local church community. In some cases, she has pursued formal theological training in order to obtain higher positions of church leadership. However, she consistently felt like an outcast. Today, she leads a dynamic life that balances spiritual devotion with service to God’s people, along side professional pursuits, managing her time between church activities, her career, and personal commitments.

On her journey, this woman reaches a crucial point where she must confront the limitations of service and ministry opportunities within her local church. It seems their is a conflict between current church structures and what God is calling her to do. Feeling spiritually undernourished, she yearns for something more innovative and impactful.

The critical moment comes when she realizes a misalignment with God’s purpose, leading to years of accumulated self-doubt, inadequacy, and unfulfillment.

This inner conflict results in sleepless nights filled with restlessness and anxiety. In her daily life, she begins to experience career stagnation and dissatisfaction, coupled with a relentless desire for clarity and understanding of God’s plan. This misalignment costs her a sense of purpose and fulfillment, creating an urgent need to realign with God’s direction and make a meaningful impact.

Financially, she recognizes God’s call for her to earn a greater income, to support His Kingdom as a benefactor. However, her current career path significantly limits this opportunity. She understands the importance of her financial situation in fulfilling her purpose and feels an acute need to realign her career and ministry, to achieve the financial abundance necessary for effectively supporting God’s work. This financial constraint intensifies her frustration and strengthens her resolve to make significant changes in her life and career trajectory.

With a background in education, healthcare, counseling, corporate leadership, or non-profit work, she brings valuable skills and years of professional experience to the table, which she is eager to translate into her own coaching or consulting business because God is calling her to build it (see Prophetic Word: Build Your Coaching Business).

Her extensive church ministry experience has fueled her desire to transcend traditional roles and infuse innovative, progressive ideas into her ministry. She desires to establish or expand a coaching or consulting business that integrates her prophetic calling, professional background, and entrepreneurial spirit.

What is the Entrepreneurial Promise for Black Female Prophets and Prophetic Black Women? 

Prophetic Prosperity is the God-ordained abundance God has for us spiritually, emotionally, relationally, and financially. It is “entrepreneurial” in nature because it is the call to innovation; it is the call to walk a path of prosperity that has not yet been paved. It is the unique lifestyle and blessing God has for you. 

The prophetic blueprint of prosperity for Black Female Prophets and Prophetic Black Women is to build prophetic healing and deliverance ministries and profitable 6-figure coaching and consulting businesses. Advancement in the coaching-consulting industry is the Entrepreneurial Promise of Prophetic Prosperity God has for His prophetic voices.

God wants to partner with each Black female prophetic voice on a journey of cultivating prophetic insights to tangible, Spirit-led actions,  positioning them to establish cutting-edge prophetic movements, thriving coaching businesses, and innovative consulting agencies, mirroring the apostolic and prophetic spirit of biblical figures like Joseph, who brought prophetic insight to bear on real-world challenges. Through the coaching and consulting industry, prophetic voices position themselves as prophetic counsel as they provide cutting-edge, innovative solutions to the world’s most pressing societal needs. These coaching practices and consulting agencies strategically market themselves to meet the needs of their target audience. 

The profit that comes from building their business positions these women to invest in real estate and other ministry endeavors the Lord puts on their hearts to advance the Kingdom of God (See Prophetic Word: Build Your Coaching Business to Invest in Real Estate). 

Embracing the Current Spiritual Reality: The Need for Violent Possession 

Prophets often struggle with a deep sense of timidity and inferiority stemming from a long history of neglect and underservice within the body of Christ. However, the reality we must confront is this: to fully embrace our roles as prophets and realize the potential that God has laid out for us, we need to overcome these feelings of insignificance.

God has made promises of prosperity, ranging from six-figure to eight-figure entrepreneurship. Yet, if we continue to hold onto the belief that we are unimportant, without a voice or significance, we risk never fulfilling these promises. If we do not recognize our worth, we may end up believing that God never fulfilled His promises, when in reality, it is we who failed to rise to the occasion. God calls us to be co-heirs in His kingdom, and for that, we need to embody the boldness of the righteous. As the scripture says, “the wicked flee when no man pursues, but the righteous are as bold as lions.” To fully step into our calling and seize the promises of God, we must shed our timidity and embrace the boldness that is our rightful inheritance as prophets.

As you navigate your spiritual journey, it’s essential to understand the stark contrast between the life led by those outside of Christ’s embrace and your own as a believer. Picture the life of the wicked, or the unbelieving, as one plagued by constant fear, anxiety, distraction, and confusion. They live in a state of paranoia, unsure of tomorrow, perpetually running even when no danger is in pursuit. This image, though stark, serves as a reminder of the peace and direction you possess in Christ.

Yet, even within the fold of faith, there’s a trap that many fall into. It’s the danger of living an unbelieving life while still claiming to be believers. This happens when we fail to fully trust in God’s promises, like the assurance in Matthew 6:33 that seeking God’s kingdom and righteousness brings all else we need into our lives. If we dwell in doubt, we risk missing out on the abundant life God has designed for us.

The wicked flee when no one pursues, but the righteous are bold as a lion.

Proverbs 28:1 ESV

This is where the concept of “violent possession,” drawn from Proverbs 28:1, becomes crucial. It’s a call to embrace the boldness of the righteous, contrasting the fearful fleeing of the wicked. This boldness isn’t about what you can do or earn; it’s about tapping into the spirit of prophecy and the apostolic anointing God has placed within you. It’s about stepping into your God-given authority and destiny.

Consider my personal journey as a testament to this truth. Without ever holding a traditional 9-to-5 job, I was able to build a six-figure business in my senior year of college. This wasn’t just a financial achievement; it was a stepping stone into full-time ministry. As the founder of Covenant Consulting, my team and I have been able to guide many to make similar transitions, empowering them to move from uncertainty in hearing God’s voice to confidently ministering the gospel and building successful life coaching businesses. This is the power of combining practical strategies with prophetic insight.

But remember, embracing your calling in Christ isn’t just about spiritual growth; it also requires practical skill development too. The reality is that many, like yourself, in a 9-5 do not have the time to develop the skills God requires in order to advance in the ministry He has for you fully. For example, some of you are called to write music, books, and to learn a second language. Financial freedom, achieved through avenues like life coaching, can provide you with the necessary resources and time to hone these skills.

As you read this, if you find yourself battling feelings of inadequacy or inferiority, know that these are not just emotional states but spiritual battles. Rejecting these feelings is crucial in stepping into the prophetic prosperity that God has planned for you. This isn’t about embracing a prosperity gospel but understanding that financial success in your entrepreneurial endeavors is a means to further God’s kingdom.

So, I invite you to consider this: Are you ready to embrace God’s strategy for your life? Are you prepared to reject the enemy’s attempts to keep you bound in financial and spiritual poverty?

As you stand today, remember, it’s not about what you don’t have or where you haven’t reached. It’s about seizing the opportunity to be a benefactor in God’s kingdom. Don’t let feelings of inadequacy or pride hold you back. Instead, step into the calling God has for you with boldness and confidence. This is your time for violent possession – to take hold of what God has promised with determination and faith.

Remember the word that Moses the servant of the Lord commanded you, saying, ‘The Lord your God is providing you a place of rest and will give you this land. Joshua 1:13 ESV 

In the spirit of Joshua 1:13, let’s reflect on the profound message it holds for us today. The scripture reminds us of Moses’ words, declaring, “The Lord your God is providing you a place of rest and will give you this land.” This promise, timeless and powerful, is as relevant to us now as it was to the Israelites then.

Just as Joshua commanded the officers to prepare for crossing the Jordan and taking possession of the land, so too are we called to action. This isn’t merely about a physical journey but a spiritual one. Within three days, symbolizing a period of preparation and anticipation, they were to embark on a mission to claim what God had promised.

This directive wasn’t just for a select few; it extended to the Reubenites, the Gadites, and the half-tribe of Manasseh. Their families and livestock were to remain in the land given by Moses, but the men of valor were to lead the charge, armed and ready to assist their brethren until they too found rest in the land promised by God.

Now, consider your life in the context of this scripture. God has promised you your “land” – this could be your dreams, your purpose, your place of influence and impact. However, there’s a dynamic call to action – to take “violent possession” of what’s been promised. This isn’t about physical violence; it’s about spiritual assertiveness, determination, and courage.

There will be times, just like we have experienced, where doubts and fears may creep in. The enemy might whisper discouragement when you’re about to make a move, create something new, or step out of your comfort zone. But remember, you must shut down these doubts and move forward. Your actions, your faith, your perseverance – it’s not just about you. There’s someone out there who needs you to be bold, to show up, to claim what God has promised not only to you but also to them.

Your journey to claim your “land” goes beyond personal achievement or rest. It’s about paving the way for others to find their rest and their promise in God. As you move forward in your spiritual walk, embrace this mindset of “violent possession.” Claim your promises, not just for your benefit, but so that others too may find their promised rest.

The Method of Possession: Slowing Down

Contrary to one’s initial intuitions. Violent possession can only come at a slower pace than what we are used to. The harsh reality is that our hurry and striving to reach God’s promises in our lives are always rooted in impurity, whether we care to admit it to ourselves or not. The “slower pace” is the God-ordained pace. This pace is only discovered through prophetic insight through the merging of two anointings of Joseph and Joshua. At Covenant Consulting, we refer to the merging of these two anointings as the method of “Prophetic Entrepreneurship.” We advance in the violent possession of the entrepreneurial promise at the God-ordained pace of God through the method of “prophetic entrepreneurship,” merging of the Joseph and Joshua anointing. 

Walking at the pace of God calls for a deep understanding and discernment of times and seasons, a skill intrinsically linked to a prophetic spirit, as exemplified by Joseph in the scriptures. To move in alignment with God’s timing, one must cultivate prophetic clarity, which acts as the cornerstone for discerning not only the current times and seasons but also for tuning into God’s voice regarding our forthcoming steps. This prophetic clarity is more than just a tool; it’s a foundational element that provides us with God’s blueprint for our entrepreneurial advancement. Without this prophetic insight, we are like travelers without a map, lacking direction and understanding of God’s greater plan. The prophetic allows us to see beyond the immediate, to understand the spiritual season we are in, and to align our actions with God’s perfect timing, ensuring that our steps are not just purposeful but divinely orchestrated.

Violently possessing what God has promised necessitates an apostolic spirit, akin to that of Joshua. This spirit embodies not just the vision and foresight of a prophet but also the power and authority to act upon these insights. It’s crucial to understand that a plan, no matter how divinely inspired, holds little value if it lacks the apostolic grace needed for implementation. This gap between vision and realization is often why many, even those rich in prophetic insight, find themselves with unfulfilled dreams, visions, and plans, leading to a state of barrenness, stagnation, and frustration. To bridge this gap, it is essential to cultivate apostolic grace, a process that involves deep engagement with and adherence to the teachings of God’s Word. The book of Joshua serves as a prophetic blueprint in this regard. Cultivating this apostolic grace is key to transforming prophetic potential into tangible, fruitful reality.

It is only through the method of “Prophetic Entrepreneurship,” the merging of the prophetic Joseph anointing to discern times and seasons and the apostolic Joshua spirit to possess the Promised Land, that we are able to build fruitful, innovative prophetic healing and deliverance ministries, and profitable coaching and consulting businesses leveraging social media for global, Kingdom impact.

Finally, let’s address the reason many struggle to follow the method of “Prophetic Entrepreneurship.”

Reasons for Resistance (Warnings Why God’s Prophetic Voices in Training Won’t Obey)

#1 The Idolatry of Financial Security

One of the primary reasons for resistance and a failure to obey God’s call is the idolatry of financial security. This idolatry manifests when individuals prioritize the pursuit of financial stability in the natural realm over following the voice of God. Such a focus can lead to a path that diverges from the one God has intended, as the allure of financial comfort often overshadows the divine directives that may lead to initially less secure or unconventional paths.

Additionally, the idolatry of the American Dream compounds this issue. The American Dream, often characterized by material success, homeownership, and a comfortable lifestyle, can become a deceptive goal that replaces God’s unique purpose for an individual’s life. This dream, while not inherently negative, becomes problematic when it supersedes spiritual obedience and divine calling. The pursuit of this dream can lead to a complacent and self-centered life, starkly contrasting with the often sacrificial and faith-driven journey God calls His followers to embark upon. Recognizing and overcoming these forms of idolatry are crucial steps in aligning oneself with God’s will and walking the path He has laid out.

#2 The Belief that Rest is Earned

A significant reason for resistance and disobedience to God’s calling is the idolatry of American culture, particularly the notion of earning one’s rest. This cultural idolatry ingrains a belief system that rest and peace are rewards to be earned through relentless work and achievement. In this worldview, value is often measured by productivity and success, leading many to relentlessly chase accomplishments and societal approval before allowing themselves any rest or peace of mind.

This mindset directly conflicts with the biblical principle that rest is not just a reward but a divine right and necessity, graciously given by God. The relentless pursuit of success, as defined by American cultural standards, can lead to a neglect of spiritual well-being and a disregard for God’s timing and provision. It encourages a cycle of perpetual striving and exhaustion, leaving little room for spiritual reflection, growth, or obedience to God’s more profound and often countercultural commands. Overcoming this idolatry involves a fundamental shift in understanding, recognizing that true rest and fulfillment come not from societal achievements but from aligning with God’s will and rhythm for our lives.

#3 The Spirit of Unbelief

A pivotal reason for resistance and disobedience in our spiritual journey is rooted in unbelief, particularly in our own value and worth in God’s eyes. This unbelief manifests as a deep-seated doubt about our significance and the genuine intentions of God’s promises for us. When we fail to believe in our inherent value as God’s creation, we inadvertently set ourselves up to settle for less than what He has promised. This lack of faith leads to a life that is constantly compromising, not out of humility or obedience, but out of a mistaken belief that we are undeserving of God’s full blessings. It’s a resistance that stems from an internal struggle, where feelings of inadequacy overshadow the truth of our divine inheritance and identity. To overcome this, it’s crucial to cultivate a strong, unwavering belief in our worth and God’s plan for us. We need to internalize the truth that we are valuable beyond measure to God and that He desires for us to have the fullness of life He has promised. Embracing this belief empowers us to step boldly into our prophetic destiny, refusing to accept anything less than what God has assured us in His Word.

#4 Building from Impure Heart Postures

A significant factor contributing to resistance and disobedience to God’s will is the compulsion to prove others wrong, often stemming from past wounds of rejection and betrayal. This need arises from deep-seated insecurities and a desire for vindication, leading individuals to pursue paths more focused on disproving detractors than on following God’s guidance. Such an approach is usually rooted in pain and isolation, where decisions are driven by hurt rather than divine inspiration. This state of being can severely hinder one’s spiritual journey, as actions motivated by the need to prove oneself can deviate from God’s purpose.

Healing from these emotional wounds is essential to realign with a God-centered path. It involves moving away from a reactionary stance to one of proactive spiritual growth, where actions are not dictated by past hurts but by a sincere desire to worship and adore God. Building from this pure place ensures that life choices and actions are not tainted by bitterness or a sense of revenge, but are instead expressions of faith, love, and trust in God’s plan, allowing for a journey that is genuinely aligned with His will and purpose.

#5 Fear of Being Hurt Again

A profound reason for resistance, and subsequently not obeying God’s calling, stems from the fear of being hurt again, which often leads to cycles of isolation. This fear is a natural response to past traumas or betrayals, causing one to build protective walls around themselves, hindering their ability to fully engage with others and, more importantly, with God’s plan for their life.

Overcoming this fear is a journey that requires opening up and letting the right people in. It involves placing oneself under the guidance of apostolic leadership and immersing in a prophetic community. Such environments provide not only a safe space for healing and growth but also a platform for accountability. In these communities, you’re surrounded by individuals who understand the spiritual journey and are committed to upholding the standards of excellence that God requires. They challenge you, support you, and guide you, helping you to navigate away from the isolation that fear breeds.

Developing in this kind of community allows you to gradually shed the fear of being hurt and embrace the vulnerability and trust required to walk in obedience to God’s calling. This process is crucial for breaking the cycle of isolation and stepping into the fullness of what God has planned for you.

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