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Welcome! I’m Apostle Nicole, 

Founder & CEO of Selah Coaching Academy

As a 6-figure entrepreneur myself, I believe that the Holy Spirit is the best business coach. We provide Prophetic Business Coaching through our “Prophetic Prosperity Accelerator” Program so you can Clarify and Confidently Build Your Profitable Holy-Spirit-Led Business for Kingdom Impact.

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In 2008,

Leveraging his corporate finance experience on Wall Street and educational training at the Wharton School of Business, the #1 business school in the country, Rev.Dr.Sidney Williams Jr. (Apostle) received a vision for ministry formation in the marketplace. Believing in the power of entrepreneurial leadership to create true community impact, he has taught and mentored thousands of emerging and established leaders on how to advance in the marketplace.

His consulting firm, Crossing Capital Group, is committed to addressing the structural inequities in underfinanced communities, helping churches optimize their financial operations and become centers of community development.

In 2008,

Following in her father’s footsteps, Ivy-League Scholar Nicole Williams (Apostle), stepped out on her own journey of entrepreneurship, launching her own coaching and consulting practice serving 500+ ministry leaders, and generating 6-figures of revenue in the first year of her group coaching program launch.

Apostle Nicole Williams received an apostolic mandate to birth a movement of “Prophetic Entrepreneurship” through her brand, “Unapologetic Nicole.” Rooted in the desire to empower God’s children to discern His voice in every area of their lives, the “Prophetic Entrepreneurship” movement emerged through her blog and social media platforms, teaching God’s people how to navigate life, ministry, and business under God’s prophetic guidance.

In 2008,

with hundreds in Apostle Nicole’s programs and reaching nearly 100,000 lives on YouTube alone, Apostle Nicole and her team launched the “Prophetic Prosperity Accelerator” Program in order to provide much-needed institutional support to nurture the growing movement.

Today our team of Prophetic Business Coaches, or as we call them, Selah Coaches, faithfully serve our students, helping them Clarify and Confidently Build their Profitable Holy-Spirit-Led Businesses for Kingdom Impact.

Are you prepared to embark on this prophetic journey? The world is waiting.

Embrace your prophetic mission, and let’s unveil God’s blueprint for your business together.

Become a student.

Transformative entrepreneurial blueprints for Prophets and Prophetic People.

We are here for the Prophets and Prophetic Women who are fed-up, tired, and ready to make a change for themselves and those whom God’s calling them to serve the body of Christ in innovative ways.

An innovate approach

Through the principles of “Prophetic Entrepreneurship,” we are going to teach you how to develop a clear Spirit-led implementation strategy for your visions, ideas, and dreams for entrepreneurship, online ministry, and/or coaching-consulting so you can finally gain momentum and experience holistic success (financial, emotional, and spiritual) in the work that God has asked you to do.