Prophet Charles

A Call to Radical Faith: Prophet, Step Out of the Boat

This prophetic word is for current students in Covenant Consulting and particularly the Covenant students who were invited to the Covenant Consulting Retreat in April 2024.

The prophetic word for 2024 is to Slow Down for Violent Possession.

Many of my prophets are struggling with (1) codependency, (2) compromise, and (3) comparison because they are moving too fast, and they are not willing to slow down even when I have spoken to them before about their pace.

Many of us at times believe that as long as we are doing what we think is pleasing to God then we are in alignment to what God is asking us to do. However, the way we know as prophets if we are in alignment with God’s pace is to seek him for correction and direction. Matthew 6:33 “Seek First the Kingdom of God and His Righteous and all things will be added into you.” It does not matter to God what you are doing in ministry or life if you are not in alignment with his pace. Take some time to ask yourself and allow the Holy Spirit to minister to you. 

  • Am I in alignment with God’s timing and pace? 

  • What is causing me to compromise my call? 

  • God, how do you want me to slow down? 

Asking God these questions will help you realign yourself with God’s will so that you can serve from a healthy emotional place. God is seeking prophets with radical faith and surrender. The life of a prophet is not similar to others around us. There is a consecration, a lifestyle and a sacrifice to become all that God is calling us to be to be successful in life and ministry. God is ready to journey and do life with you abundantly. Are you ready to journey and do life with him no matter the cost? 

Be sure to read the prophetic word for 2024 if you haven’t already. 

God is calling the prophets of Covenant Consulting in this season to have radical faith in the midst of the storm. 

What does it mean to have faith and what storm is God referring to? Faith is believing in what we can not see but understanding that God’s promise is still going to come to pass even if the present circumstances do not look like what God has shared (Hebrews 11:1). God has promised his prophets the business, ministry, emotional health, physical health and healthy relationships, however the promise comes in His timing. 

The storms are the emotional turmoil of processing past traumas, laying down your ministry, feeling like relationships are falling apart, or the current job you are in that is causing mental blocks.

The finances that God has promised are not coming through and you feel like you have been waiting patiently. 

In these moments of the “storms,” God is testing the “faith” of His prophets. He wants you to trust and believe in Him even when the puzzle pieces are not connecting. He wants you to wait patiently for Him to show up and protect you from the storm. God is asking His prophets of Covenant Consulting to (1) not be codependent, (2) not to compromise, and (3) not to compare themselves, so that they can become all that God is calling them to be. 

I had a dream recently in which there was a group of individuals who represented God’s prophets. In the dream, the prophets are in the midst of a storm in the ocean, trying not to drown. The prophets begin to feel fear, confusion, shame, guilt, and disappointment. 

As the prophets are trying to not drown they notice a boat with one individual who represents the spiritual leader that they have been called under for this season. The spiritual leader wants to help the prophets out of the boat but realizes they simply can’t help every prophet in time before the storm overtakes them. 

In the next part of the dream, each prophet is trying to figure out how they will get on the boat where their leader is waiting for them in the safety of the boat. 

One of the prophets on the boat wisely chooses to pray in the midst of the storm, trusting that God is in control. They decide that giving up and death is not their portion! In this quick act of faith, the prophet is carried by a gush of a wind directly onto the boat. 

Once the other prophets saw the one prophet being carried by the gush of wind to the boat, frustration began to brew. They began to feel confusion and disappointment as they compared themselves to that prophet. 

In an effort to get the same results, the prophets tried to replicate what they saw by going through the motions of praying and acting as victims to their circumstances, but it did not work. They did not seek God for the power and authority to get to the boat because they were too reliant on themselves, or their spiritual leader to create different solutions to a situation without guidance. None of their solutions worked and the storm consumed them. 

At this moment, God is testing and training his prophets: Will they trust in his power to radically protect them from drowning, or will they give up and stop fighting? The boat symbolizes the promised land and the spiritual covering. The boat is the promised land given to His prophets and it is a promise that can not be taken away from anyone. The reason why the spiritual leader is in the boat is because God provides each prophet with an Apostle to receive direction, counsel, and commissioning. The Apostle gives direction to allow the prophet to exercise their walk with God with wisdom and to help the prophet not to move too fast or to fall behind God’s timing. The Apostle gives counsel to ensure that the prophet does not compromise their calling by pointing out behaviors and patterns that are not pleasing to God. Lastly, the Apostle commissions by partnering with God to have the grace to call out the gifts of the prophet to strategically place them in their ministry assignment to build the kingdom of God. 

My Prophets are becoming too reliant on their Spiritual Leadership that they have lost sight of who is leading their Apostle.

God says, 

Many of my children have idolized their leadership and have lacked grace towards their leadership. My children are drawn to the anointing of their leader and want to be close to it, but they might not understand the sacrifices their leader had to take to receive such anointing. In this situation, the prophet thinks that just being around for a while will lead to the anointing falling upon them, allowing them to then move on to build their ministry. 

My children started to treat their leadership as if their leadership is Me. I have imperfect children who I have graced to become an Apostle and to lead a movement however, when my students become under their leadership they are not careful with being vigilant spiritually. My children would not pray for their leadership, do not respect their leadership and compare themselves to their leadership. These actions can allow the enemy to have a foothold which leads to idolization and a lack of grace. In this case, the enemy’s goal is to get the prophet to lose sight of who is leading their leader, which is Me.

A warning from the Lord is to not idolize your leadership.

Your leader is not perfect and you do not know the sacrifices, hardships, and tears that your leader has experienced to get to where they are to be the leader I have called them to be. If you are struggling with idolization it is because you are currently running away from Me and you are using your leader to replace Me. This does not please Me. Your leadership is to not replace me. They are partnering with Me to raise you up to be the leader I am calling you to be in the Kingdom.

#1 Addressing the Spirit of Codependency 

God is after codependency in his prophets.

Codependency is an imbalance in healthy relationships with others around you.

Within the context of the Covenant Consulting community, many of the prophets in our community are reliant on leadership to give them the answers to their Holy Spirit-Led businesses and ministries rather than seeking God Himself and then coming to leadership for confirmation. Many of the prophets in our community are afraid to heal so they are avoiding the healing required to hear God’s voice for their business and ministry.

The Prophets then overly rely on Covenant Consulting Leadership to just give them the answer to build the business and ministry when that is not God’s heart for the prophet to grow emotionally. God does not want his prophets to be so codependent on their Apostles that when it is time for a prophet to act and rely on God that they would rather rely on their spiritual leader to help them out of hard situations. The relationship between an apostle and a prophet is for the Apostle to give direction and to help with the building of the prophet’s ministry. The prophet is to heed to leadership not to risk being led astray. The relationship between an Apostle and a prophet is not for the prophet to replace God with their Apostle. 

In August 2023, Prophetess Magleny sent out a document regarding codependency because as a community, there was a heavy spirit of codependency. Refer back to this document for support to notice the 11 signs of Codependency and ways to overcome codependency so that the prophets of our community can foster healthier relationships and greater personal development (Click here for the reference guide).

God is asking for his prophets to come back to first love, to come back to the father as a child, and to allow yourself to depend on Him. Many of my prophets are using me to run away, so they become so dependent on their Apostles and Leadership and then feel very disconnected from me. The storms (financial, emotional, relational, spiritual) coming to the prophets in Covenant Consulting is an opportunity for my children to run back to me because they have realized that they no longer have control over the situation at hand. Many prophets are not running back to me. They choose to stay in the same cycle and think that it is normal to stay in that cycle. 

#2 Addressing the Spirit of Compromise

The Spirit of Compromise allows my prophets to fall back into the same cycles because they are not willing to live the consecrated life required for the call of a prophet in the marketplace.

Many of my prophets are not taking the online space that I have provided for them seriously and they are treating Covenant Consulting like any other coaching program that they have participated in. Covenant Consulting is not like any other coaching program.

The way Covenant Consulting Students are not taking the coaching program serious is because I will lead the apostle of the house to make a decision for the community and the prophets will not honor what the Apostle has shared such as prioritizing healing, taking space away to sabbath, seeking Holy Spirit for direction and then get upset when they feel like they are not pushing forward. Counsel from leadership is to be taken seriously into prayer and to be initiated. If there are questions or blocks that arise from processing the prophet has a responsibility to seek counsel again. 

This school is to build up the Josephs & Joshua’s who will make a spirit-led impact in the marketplace.

Joseph was put in storm after storm after storm and he kept his eyes on Me through each situation he was in with no understanding as to why the circumstances occurred.

Joseph was sold by his brothers into slavery for vulnerably sharing a dream and he was put into prison for sins he did not commit. In those moments, Joseph could have lost sight of God and his identity. However, Joseph remained humbled and used his gifts at God’s perfect timing. Joseph remaining focused on God in the midst of the storms he faced led to him becoming the ruler of land second to King Pharaoh. Joshua stayed right by Moses’ side as an aide and would spend hours in prayer before he was called to continue the work of Moses. 

To make the required impact that so many of my prophets are desiring it requires a consecrated lifestyle to match.

There are relationships that are no longer serving my prophets, there are jobs that my prophets are working that are no longer serving them, there are ministries that my prophets need to lay down in order to see where I am taking them.

God requires that his children see and notice what in their life is compromising their call and them walking into the fullness of their purpose. 

These are the questions God has for His prophets:

  • Do you have faith that I will show up to protect you from any situation you find yourself in?

  • Do you have faith that if I ask you to lay down your ministry that I will provide? 

  • Do you have faith that if I ask you to quit your current job, I will provide for you abundantly more than what you can imagine? 

  • Do you believe that I want to care for you as my child amid every storm you experience? 

  • Do you believe I am a Father who can turn all things into good?

The way that the one prophet made it to the boat is because the prophet did not lose sight of who God is in their life. In the midst of the storm, the prophet declared the truth over their life and was supernaturally lifted by a gust of wind to the boat.

Do you believe that God can supernaturally carry you out of your storm? 

God only requires faith as small as a mustard seed from His prophets, yet many carry pride in their relationship with Him, hindering their journey to the promised land. Within the Covenant Consulting community, some prophets display this pride through entitlement in their relationship with God. Frustration arises when circumstances don’t align with God’s promises, and a sense of entitlement leads to discontent with the unfolding process.

These emotions surface in interactions between prophets and their leadership when faced with resistance to required actions in their current season. It’s crucial to understand that God’s requests, such as laying down ministries or observing a sabbath, are not punishments but blessings. The essential question from God to His children is, “Who do you want to become?” This question is uniquely personal, one that each prophet must answer, as no one else can answer on their behalf.

#3 Addressing the Spirit of Comparison

The current warning from God emphasizes refraining from comparing oneself to the community or leadership. Often, such comparisons stem from a lack of depth in the relationship with God, leading to an incomplete understanding of one’s identity. Everyone within the Covenant Consulting community is valued, and there’s no need for comparison.

Some individuals within the community try to mimic what they observe others creating or sharing without recognizing that the depth of their relationship with God allowed for such revelations. If you find yourself comparing yourself to fellow prophets or apostolic leadership, it indicates a loss of identity and insufficient personal time with the Father. Keeping our focus on God eliminates the need for comparison, as He consistently affirms our identity and guides us to confidently walk in it.

Attempting to replicate someone else’s journey is ineffective. While learning from the community is beneficial, implementing others’ actions without allowing the Holy Spirit to penetrate your own heart for personalized revelation won’t yield the same results. God’s relationship with each individual is unique, intimate, and intentional, leading to different ways He communicates with us.


In Conclusion, God is asking his prophets to ask themselves…. 

  1. Was Christ’s death on the cross worth the cost of what it means to walk into the fullness of my calling?

  2. How deep is my conviction to pick up my cross daily no matter the cost? 

  3. How is the spirit of compromise, codependency, and comparison manifesting in my life? 

  4. Am I idolizing my leader to get closer to my purpose? 

  5. Am I willing to take responsibility for what the cost is to build a kingdom business and ministry? 

God is elevating the standards for His children in this season. He no longer tolerates His children falling victim to the destructive forces of comparison, codependency, and compromise. Excuses will not be accepted from His prophets any longer. Instead, God urges His prophets to reflect on the significance of the cross and make a steadfast commitment to follow its path. God is seeking prophets with radical faith and unwavering surrender. The life of a prophet stands apart from the norm, characterized by consecration, a unique lifestyle, and a willingness to make sacrifices in order to fully embody the calling God has placed upon them. Success in both life and ministry is intricately tied to this consecrated journey.

The journey of crucifying self on a daily basis is challenging, and God doesn’t promise it to be easy or pain-free. However, by anchoring oneself in the strength that comes from God, the burden becomes lighter. It is a conscious decision to break free from the spirit of comparison, detach from codependency, and refuse compromise. I encourage you to daily carry the cross with determination and faith. Embrace the challenges, knowing that with each step, you draw closer to God. 

God extends an invitation to walk abundantly in His presence, ready to journey and experience life intimately with you. The question remains: Are you prepared to embark on this transformative journey, embracing a life of radical faith and surrender, regardless of the cost? As you answer this call, anticipate not only the challenges but also the immeasurable blessings that come from aligning your life with the purpose God has uniquely designed for you.