Prophet Charles


I have been in ministry, for over 20 years. I knew that I was called outside of the four walls of the church, I knew I had evangelism in me, but I did not know what that looked like.

I was always kind of out of the box but there was no blueprint for it. I did not grow up in the church. So everything was new to me. I was just tapping in reaching, searching for what it was that I thought that I should be doing. I was led by a former pastor of mine, that Teddy, you should you should look into coaching. So I start the journey of looking into coaching. I get on YouTube, and I started following all the coaching gurus. They sound good, I start striving, okay, you should do it this way. You should do it that way.

I knew inside that something was missing. And I kept trying to find who should I allow to be a mentor. And I came this close to joining another program. But I kept saying something is missing. Of course, I started following all the coaching gurus and things like that. And when you do that, of course, a lot of similar videos will pop up in your feed.

And one day, Apostle Nicole popped up in my feed. I knew just by the language. She was speaking. I said she’s speaking my language. I said, This is it. I went onto the website and her blog. I said, ‘This is it and I did not look back…’

What I believe distinguishes covenant consulting programs from any other program out here I can truly say is THAT I have not found any other prophetic coaching program that speaks to the prophetic that speaks to the prophet that speaks to the apostle, to prepare us for what’s to come. But it doesn’t only just teach us how to be prophetic in ministry, or how to be prophetic and business, but it helps build the Prophet up.”

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